If you are looking to plan a trip to Disney World I have the PERFECT person to help you plan your trip. Erin Brady, Golden Ears Travel is AMAZING she planned everything out from resort, meals, parks, all the way to my parents flights. Thank you Erin for everything! It was the best and so nice knowing everything was taken care of or that you were a phone call (text) away with all the answers to help. Everyone keeps asking how was the trip my reply is it was awesome and if you wanna go I recommend Erin.


Laura, We had a fantastic time and thank you for your suggestions regarding our stay tickets and the meal plans. The change from the Beach Club resort to the Contemporary resort was flawless and most importantly, our bags arrived at the Contemporary without any problems. Thank you again for your help.

Fred S

We absolutely loved having Erin​ [Brady]​ on our side for Disney trip planning!​ Our trip was fantastic and we can't wait to go again.  She made a customized binder for us to take and it was great and so useful! Erin is so knowledgeable and approachable. She always answered and responded when I needed something; no matter how small.​ We will definitely go through Erin again to plan our next trip!!! We can't thank her enough!!!


Michelle, our trip to Disney World was so much fun! Thank goodness I was referred to you...and would NOT have been the same without your help. I would definitely recommend friends to go through you! We loved all of your dining recommendations and everything was great!


Heather has planned 2 of my Disney vacations. A quick 3 day and a Disney Cruise! She is very helpful and knowledgeable in all things Disney travel. I don't have to worry about a thing! Will definitely be booking through her in the future!


I have worked with Samantha Barnes on 2 Disney Cruises now and she is super helpful. She navigates the details with ease and keeps us on track for the things we need to do. She has a wealth of information and helps our family choose what's best for us. She's responsive and always friendly. I would highly and do recommend her to all my friends.

Tina B

Samantha was absolutely the most amazing and helpful travel agent we have EVER worked with! I don't think there is any person in the world who knows more about Disney World than she does! We ran into some bumps because of weather delaying our travel and she was on the phone with us at 7 o'clock in the morning trying to fix as much as she possible could for us! I could not have higher praise for her!

Miss Kansas

Michelle did an excellent job planning our vacation for us. We never traveled outside the United States before, but she planned a great trip to the Bahamas for us to celebrate our 20 year anniversary and we had a blast!! I would most definitely recommend working with Michelle!


WOW! My family just took our first trip to Disney World last week through a booking from Laura Kennedy, and it was amazing. I felt as if it was effortless for us, and she did all the work and research--we just had to show up and enjoy ourselves! She even sent us a care package before the trip and notified them about it being our first visit, so Goofy called and left our son a message. What a magical experience! I can't thank her enough for the memories she helped us create. She deserves a huge pat on the back!!

Meredith A

Just got home from a magical trip to Disney World with our 4 girls. The best decision we made was to have Erin Brady be our travel agent. It was so easy. She took care of everything. Thanks Erin Brady!

Erica F.

Samantha at Golden Ears travel has been so helpful and full of information!!  Our trip isn't for another 5 months, but she's been a huge help with all of her advice.  PLUS two days after we booked our trip, she's already on top of a newly announced discount and updated our reservations before we even knew about it!  (I really like that I'm working with someone from Flower Mound too...just keepin' it in the FM "family".)

Erin B

Hi Erin [Brady], We received your packet last night and let me tell you, I am blown away! I have to be honest and tell you that I am so crazy I have never let any one plan a vacation for us before because I didn't trust anyone to be as detailed as I would be. You have changed my mind and heart on this. I have had such an excellent experience with your services that I shouted it from the roof top (okay so I posted it on my Facebook wall today and shared your page). The book you sent is so crazy awesome. I read every page and just when I was starting to panic about being prepared for this trip - you once again set my mind at ease. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for everything you have done to help me plan this trip. I'm so excited I can hardly wait to get there.


[Erin Brady], Our trip was AMAZING!!! We had an absolute blast and my sons say it was the best vacation ever with my oldest lamenting that we don't live in Florida so we could have that much fun all the time. Everything went so smoothly and seamlessly and we didn't have to worry about a thing. Your help was absolutely invaluable and I cannot thank you enough! I have already referred you to a couple of people that I've talked to about our Disney vacation and made sure they knew that I couldn't have planned a more perfect trip without my trusted Disney specialist. The only problem I have had is readjusting to our post Disney World life, I think I went through withdrawals after our first few days back. Again thank you so much!


I wanted to let [Erin Brady] know that our Disney trip was PERFECT! We had a WONDERFUL time and it was all thanks to you. You guided me through the entire planning and you helped so much with the set up of table reservations and fast passes, etc. We can't thank you enough! The memories from this trip will be with us forever! Thank you so much again!

Heather has helped us arrange two different WDW vacations and is so helpful. I am sure I could not have done it without her! Thanks Heather! I know from now on I will only use her when booking any future trips!

Kristi C

My sons and I had the BEST VACATION EVER in beautiful Puerto Rico over spring break.  Samantha Barnes' suggestion of this beautiful island was perfect -- no passport required, lovely white sand beaches, friendly locals, adventures for thrill-seekers, historical sites, and great food.  She booked everything for us and even handled little glitches from afar so that we could just relax and enjoy ours...elves.   The jungle zip-lining was amazing, the Bio Bay nighttime kayaking in the phosphorescent lagoon was the coolest thing we've ever done!!  On top of all that, we got vouchers that cleared $150 off our hotel extras at checkout.  You can't beat Samantha's dedication to YOUR vacation and her solid service!!  She's my go-to travel agent!!

Carla H

[Samantha], Our family would like to express our appreciation for all your help organizing an extremely enjoyable vacation. It was absolutely wonderful. Our room was in an excellent location on the first floor just off the pool.The hotel was great. The service was wonderful and it truly was a "Magical" experience.

Luis F

Thank you Michelle for planning a wonderful vacation for my family! You were able to reserve every restaurant we requested and set up our Fast Passes to maximize our park time. I appreciate you answering all my questions and being patient with me since I knew nothing about Disney World. Several of my friends are interested in your help with planning their vacations and I've given them your contact information. We couldn't have done it without you! I absolutely loved the book you personalized for us to organize our week of experiences.

Shannon K

We have used Samantha multiple times and she never disappoints! She has helped us with large family reunions and individual vacations. Everything seems to run smoother and is organized far better than when we used to book the trip on our own. She always takes time to answer all of our questions and there is no doubt we will use her again!

Luvin Disney

Samantha was great at helping me plan our vacation in such a short amount of time. From the first time I called to the last minute details( total of 3 weeks from the first call to the day we left) she was so welcoming and so nice and answered every single question I had. If it wasn't for her we would have not enjoyed the vacation. I would recommend her in a heart beat to anyone that hasn't ever been. It is overwhelming to say the least. But she puts you to ease and is at your beck and call. Thank you so much Samantha!!!!!

T Hamilton

Our trip was wonderful. Thank you [Erin Brady] for your assistance. Everything worked out perfect and the food choices were delicious. The breakfast at Cinderella's castle was my favourite. [My daughter] was so nervous about eating at the castle. She said that she hadn't eaten with royalty before and she didn't want to make a mess in front of Cinderella. She had perfect manners and was so excited about meeting so many princesses. We definitely want to go back in the next couple of years. I have already recommended you to some friends so when they are ready I'll give them your contact information. Thanks again for your help and suggestions.


[Samantha] was fast and efficient in providing a quote that matched everything that I wanted, and offered packages that I wasn't aware of. She was wonderful to work with. I even recommend my family to her.

Keri C

Samantha is FABULOUS! If you are one of those people who HAS to be in control of EVERY detail (like me), let me introduce you to Samantha ... just let her handle it, sit back, and ENJOY THE MAGIC!

Blanca R

Wow! Thank you for planning our vacation to Disney World!  We never knew the importance of making dining reservations but Samantha took care of it all!  We saw folks that thought they could walk up and eat in the nicest restaurants turned away.  Thank you for your attention to detail!!!

John R

Erin, Just wanted to say Thank You so much for helping us with our Disney vacation! We had a blast!! Everything worked out great, the hotel was awesome as it was so convenient and very close proximity to bus and food, the meal plans worked great too! Thanks again for all of your recommendations!


Erin, Thank you for all of your help!  The book you put together was helpful.  I was constantly reviewing it, especially when it came to best places to snack/eat (otherwise might not have seen my favorite snack place, Starring Rolls).  Will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a Disney Vacation!


This was our third trip to Disney World and my wife has always done all of the planning before.  It was amazing to sit back and let someone else do all of the planning for us.  We just told Samantha what kind of meals we wanted, what kind of resort we wanted to stay at, and what days we wanted to go.  She gave us several resort/expense options to choose from and booked everything.  Our best experience at Disney yet!

Robert V

Samantha is a fantastic trip planner! We have traveled to Disneyland and Disney World using her services several times and wouldn't travel without her planning now! She did a fabulous job planning our most recent trip to Disneyland with restaurant reservations and which park to visit each day. This was our first time to use her car service instead of renting a car, and that was perfect, too. Our driver was waiting for us at the airport when we arrived, and waiting for us at the hotel lobby to take us to the airport for our flight home. It was so easy! We had a great time and are thankful to Samantha for planning another wonderful trip!


I found out about Golden Ears only 1 week before my travel time. Samatha was still able to get me great reservations for dinners during the 4th of July travel period.

Michelle J

I will never try planning a Disney vacation without Golden Ears Travel. Samantha alerted me to details I would never have planned for. Thanks to Samantha, our vacation was one we will treasure forever!

Pamela G

Samantha booked my hotel, found my flights, arranged travel to and from hotel, booked dining reservations, recommended which restaraunts to eat, arranged strollers, provided itinerary and maps for parks, gave several good tips for the trip. Essentially, she did EVERYTHING needed to plan a perfect vacation!

Misty G

Samantha did a wonderful job booking our trip, answering all our questions and giving us tips and needed information before cruising. She knows her Disney stuff and I would highly recommend her!


Samantha went above and beyond to ensure that she could plan the best trip possible. We did not encounter any problems with our reservations; and, she went out of her way to present our family with an organized method of preparing for our trip. I would definitely recommend Samantha to anyone.

Megan M

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that my family and I have been very impressed with Erin Brady!  We have been to Disney many times and this is my daughter's 3rd trip (she's 5).  I have never used a travel agent before but it has made my life that much easier.  I have referred several people to her already.  Working in the hospitality industry for several years I always felt people mostly gave feedback when there was a negative issue and you never heard from them if everything was going well.  I just wanted to send a quick positive note.  We look forward to heading back to Disney World next week!

Amber H

Just returned from a whirlwind week at Walt Disney World with our family of eight, ages 2-62. Could not have done it without Erin [Brady]! So many details to remember and reservations to handle. She took care of everything. All we had to do was show up and enjoy our time together. Erin your are the best!


I simply gave Samantha the dates and she did the rest. She booked great dining experiences for use and made my girls' birthday trip extra-special!

Carrie W

We just returned from 8 nights at WDW! Erin [Brady] helped us book our first trip as a family and answered all our questions!! She got us all the reservations we wanted and helped us make selections on character dining and fast passes! Her input was extremely helpful since I had not visited WDW in many years! Thank you Erin for helping make our trip MAGICAL!!!

Lindsay H.

Thank you so much for booking our trip to Disney World. FastPass to lunch and dinner reservations. Without you, Michelle, I would have been stressed out. Once again thank you!!!! You're the Best!!!


Samantha with Golden Ears Travel was AWESOME!!!  We could not of done it with out her!!!!  It was our first trip to Disney...which can be very overwhelming, but Samantha did it all!!!  It was the BEST trip ever!!  With her expert advise we did not miss one thing!!!  Thanks again!!! 

Julie P

Just got back from our unbelievable Disney trip planned by Samantha. It was the first trip for our three year old daughter and we loved every minute of it. Samantha took care of everything, the dining reservations, the room details, and even helped us find super cheap airfare. We will definitely use Golden Ears from now on for our traveling needs. Thank you Samantha for putting up with all my questions and providing us with the best vacation ever!

Mitch S

Erin [Brady], I wanted to let you know that our Disney trip was PERFECT! We had a WONDERFUL time and it was all thanks to you. You guided me through the entire planning and you helped so much with the set up of table reservations and fast passes, etc. we can't thank you enough! The memories from this trip will be with us forever! Thank you so much again! 🙂

Amanda D

Thank you [Samantha] so much for helping us plan our trip to Disney World. We had a wonderful time. Everything you suggested was perfect. We enjoyed the resort, the fast passes you chose and the dinners too.  I think our favorite day was when we had breakfast at Cinderella's castle and dinner at Be Our Guest. Be Our Guest was awesome!


Thank you, Erin [Brady], for planning our trip to Universal Orlando this past weekend.  We had the best time and everything was perfect!!  It was so nice to have it all set up by you and we could just go and enjoy ourselves.  Thank you!!! Can't wait till we can use you again.


Erin [Brady] - We are driving home from our first trip to Disney with our two girls. We can't thank you enough for everything you did for us!! Our room was sooooo awesome. The location was perfect!! You made the trip so easy for us and the mydisneyexperience app was so easy to use. We will be planning our next trip with you next time!!! But in the winter! Thanks so much!!!

Evans Family

Michelle, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the help with our trip to Disneyland. We just got back and it was fantastic. All of the special little touches that we got by booking through you made the trip that much better. With three small boys, one of the main aspects of our trip was the visit to Cars Land. Thanks to some tips from you we were able to ride all of the rides we wanted to and Radiator Springs Racers. That ride in and of itself was worth the price of admission. Thanks again for all of your help and we're looking forward to booking our next trip!


My husband and I just got back from our WDW trip to celebrate my birthday. Erin [Brady]'s help and guidance in planning was priceless. I can thank her enough for the fabulous time we had!

Felicia Y.

Samantha, Thank you so much for all of your help with our trip to Disneyland. I was worried about planning a trip for 18 people and you made it painless! We had a wonderful trip and it was a breeze thanks to you. You made the planning easy and worry free. Your recommendations were fantastic. The VIP tour was great and the concierge service was perfect for our group. When we plan our next trip I will be certain to call upon you again. Thank you very much!

Sarah M

She was very nice. Helped me out gave me a lot of options. She is wonderful to work with.

Colette S

Erin Brady was extremely helpful and was available to answer all of my silly questions day or night!! She adapted a plan that was tailored to my families needs!! If you ever have any questions regarding Erin I will be thrilled to answer them!! Hopefully we will be going back in another 2 years and I will most definitely have Erin plan my next trip!!

Reagan F.

It was a picture perfect trip. [Erin Brady] did a fabulous job advising us on the right "character" meals. Since I was gluten intolerant, I received the most wonderful food options. The chef came out and showed me what foods I could safely eat. They even prepared special foods to my liking. We especially enjoyed the Princess breakfast at Cinderella's castle. Thanks for your care and service to make this a picture perfect trip for our little 5 year old "Princesses."