Fastpass+ FAQ

Fastpass+ FAQ

Q. What is Fastpass+?

A. Simply... Fastpass+ is a reservation for an attraction. You get 3 Fastpasses in one park for each day of your tickets.

Q. How do I make Fastpass+ reservations?

A. Before your trip there are two ways to make Fastpass+ reservations - My Disney Experience App on your phone/tablet or through

If you haven't downloaded the App to your smartphone/tablet yet please do that right away! You will want to have this App during your vacation anyway so you might as well get used to using it now!

Q. Can I get more than 3 Fastpasses in a day?

A. You cannot pre-reserve more than 3 Fastpasses. But when you are in the parks once you use your first three Fastpasses for that day you can go to My Disney Experience App and select one additional Fastpass. Once you have used that one you can go back and select another... and so on.

Q. What times should I select for my Fastpass+?

A. Disney will offer you an hour time window for most of your Fastpass+ selections. You just have to arrive within that time window to get into the Fastpass return line. My recommendation is that you don't select any times first thing in the morning. Why? Because the lines at Walt Disney World are always shortest at park opening. So take advantage of this and go ride the attractions that you don't have fastpasses for in the early mornings!

Q. Can I make changes to my Fastpass+ choices?

A. Yes you can always make changes to your Fastpasses through your MyDisneyExperience app or online. You can even do it within the parks if you find yourself running or late or just wanting to change your plans.

Q. Which Fastpasses should I select?
A. There is definitely a strategy for getting the most magic from your three Fastpass selections. You should always select any attraction that is critical to the enjoyment of your family. So if meeting Cinderella is the one thing that your little princess MUST-DO and she will be heartbroken if you don’t then by all means please select the princess meet and greet.

But let’s face it, some attractions rarely every have a long wait (except in peak season).

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