The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

Golden Ears Travel | Ideas for telling the Kids about your Disney trip! You've done all - or most - of the work behind planning your Disney Vacation and you're ready for the fun to begin, right? Well, the first big event to look forward to is revealing your plans to your kids.

And now, you're stumped.

How should we do it? It's gotta be fun, right? You can't just tell them! This is a BIG deal! WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY!!

Don't worry about it! Not only can I make your planning easier, I've got great ideas for getting this vacation of a lifetime started with as much excitement possible...

► A Simple, But FUN Approach | Grab a large box and fill it with Disney character helium-filled balloons that are tied to an announcement about your trip.  Wrap it up with a big bow. When the kids open the package, the balloons will flGolden Ears Travel | Big Reveal Ideas | We're Going to Disney!oat up and out and squeals of laughter are soon to follow!

► A Very Merry Mickey Christmas | Send the kids on a scavenger hunt that starts in their Christmas stocking.  Give each child a clue that gives them a location to find the next.  You could have them look for multiple clues that will bring them all to a hidden surprise that tells them what's up. For an extra challenge, make up a riddle that they'll have to solve!

► An Easter Twist | Make your own Disney Vacation puzzle by designing your own "We're Going to Disney" sign and cutting it up into jigsaw puzzle shapes. Hide each puzzle piece in plastic eggs along with their regular Easter egg hunt loot. When they start emptying the plastic eggs, the confusion as to why there's a random puzzle piece falling out will only make the big reveal more exciting!

Golden Ears Travel | Taking the kids to Disney | Ideas for the Surprise► Go Ahead and Give 'Em a Souvenir | Wrap a Disney t-shirt for each child and have them open them all at once.  The shirt can be wrapped with a note about the trip OR you could just leave them all stumped as to why they got a Disney shirt and make them play a guessing game.  You could also wrap a Disney gift card, which can be purchased online or at any Disney store to be used in the Disney Parks. This one is not only a great idea for the reveal, but can save you some money when it comes time to buy souvenirs on your trip!

Do you have any ideas to add to this list? Do you need help planning your Disney Vacation? Just let me know!

-Erin Brady

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